Particular date De Sortie, Trailer, Reports Et Astuces Du Prochain Jeu De Naughty Dogs

As the latest IP from legendary game developer Bioware, Anthem has some big shoes to complete - big robot shoes that you fill with your human feet when you fly around like a post-apocalyptic Flat iron Man. The trailer shows Saxon in action, with customary Deus Ex girlfriend or boyfriend capabilities like stealth and X-ray eyesight alongside more conventional tools like pistols, automated rifles and grenades. Dans sa croisade, Chloé demandera l'aide de Nadine Ross ( Uncharted 4 ). Leur aventure les mènera essentiellement en Inde où elles devront percer le mystère entourant cet artefact.
However, their pathways soon cross with Asav, our new antagonist disclosed in the E3 story trailer. The game's latest trailer shows off both 2D and 3D platforming from two different variations of Sonic was well as a custom persona direct from the depths of DeviantArt, and its own environments are absolutely stunning.
Además de este anuncio, Naughty Dog reveló que aquellos que preordenen The Lost Legacy en tiendas participantes recibirán una copia digital gratuita de Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy para PlayStation 4, y aquellos que lo hagan desde la PlayStation Store, también recibirán un tema de The Lost Legacy.
A sample of this heavily mechanized conflict is included in the gameplay and cutscenes culled from Wolfenstein: THE BRAND NEW Order in the trailer above. Pour cet E3 2017, Uncharted the Lost Legacy s'annonce déjà comme un jeu à part entière. Presented at Bethesda's E3 event , this trailer for Evil Within 2 provides us a quick look at a fresh hellscape for you to explore on your quest through the tortured mind of an madman.
That's very good news, taking into consideration the askance glances most threw at Kylo Ren's saber, which added that weird and also gratuitous crossguard back the 1st trailer But if Ren isn't backflipping or growing two more arms to turn into a Sith landscaping service, then there should be less chance he injures himself start souped-up saber.
Un nouveau trailer du jeu a également été diffusé et montre une conversation entre Chloe et Nadine concernant le trésor à chercher et les indices qu'elles détiennent à ce point in time de l'aventure. Osons même nous avancer une comparaison, le DLC semble effectuer un connection en arrière dans l'évolution de la franchise, si on le compare à Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End.
Naughty Dog avait prévenu les joueurs, Uncharted 4 sera le dernier épisode à mettre à l'honneur le personnage de Nathan Drake. Au final, ce premier DLC répondra donc à l'appellation Uncharted : The Lost Legacy, et fera office de standalone, permettant aux joueurs d'incarner la célèbre Chloé, accompagnée dans son périple par Nadine Ross.
Only in the announcements that bookended the Saturday keynote - Uncharted 4 and The Last folks Part 2 - was there the mainstream appeal seen in an E3 demonstration. By tonight's press conference, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy won't feature the same sort of friendly banter found in the other Uncharted video games.

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